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I thought i’d grow out my hair to see if you’d notice
and i’d start dressing nice
to make you believe that i’m alright
and i’d start playing sports to be more like my brother
and my dad might be proud for once in his life

or maybe i’ll drink myself to sleep because that’s what i’m used to
and when i wake up i’ll feel brand new

i’ll start tanning my skin, to be more like my mother.
beccause i am a ghost in size small clothes
and i guess I could use some color.
maybe i’ll smile, just like my ex girlfriends
because they can feel love
but i cant’ feel anything

so i thought i’d write you this song so you could get noticed
you could sing it along with your friends
in the back of their mercedes-benz

while me and my volvo will be fine
maybe i’ll close my eyes to feel more like myself

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Anonymous said: Idk what it is, but, Caroline's voice does not agree with me. There are tracks where her voice sounds ok, but most of the tracks she sings on on Duets sounds real boring and she seems to be only able to sing in one tone. The woman who sang on the Meredith Hunter track sounded fantastic. Why not have her sing on more tracks or does she have other musical obligations? If she replaced Caroline on Duets you'd have a stellar EP.


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if there’s a cool spot in hell
i hope you get it
if there’s a cool spot in hell
i know you’ll get it

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Studying is fun part 2

Studying is fun part 2

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I have so much red things in my room and red clothing that you think red would be my favorite color

It’s not. My favorite color is Cyan. I don’t know why I have so much red stuff honestly.maybe it’s some deep-seeded psychological issue.Maybe i’m just a weirdo

Studying is fun.

Studying is fun.

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