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it’s still 420 on the west coast so why not here’s a song that was originally written for the new Julia Brown album “An abundance of strawberries” way, way back. i wrote it probably last april or may & this version of it was recorded around june around when i finally started work on the album forreal. i really like it but i don’t feel like it has any place on the record anymore and things have changed so much since we started. it was going to be the opening track. it never was named, originally being called “opening” and now being called “old opening”. i still really like this song. it just has no home. here are the lyrics

lying flat on my back next to you in the grass

we skipped class to hang out while your friends smoked crack, we got high in their house

i felt cold when i looked at the sun

& that was our first kiss

it almost broke my heart 

because we both knew what would tear us apart

also shout out to ap cause new art!

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Alan MooreBrian BollandThe Killing Joke



Alan Moore
Brian Bolland
The Killing Joke

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I was just looking at my tagged/me and noticed that I was wearing this button down shirt in 9 of the 10 pictures that I posted and the one picture that i’m not wearing it isn’t even a picture of me, it’s a picture of pizza.This is the face I made when I noticedI just really like this button down man.

I was just looking at my tagged/me and noticed that I was wearing this button down shirt in 9 of the 10 pictures that I posted and the one picture that i’m not wearing it isn’t even a picture of me, it’s a picture of pizza.

This is the face I made when I noticed

I just really like this button down man.

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Instead of saying “MAN UP”, you should say “TANK UP”.

Because you know, when you’re the tank in a group, you’re taking the hits. Which is kind of what the first expression is aiming for.

Except this one is gender neutral.

cosigned so hard

This really makes sense alright i’m gonna start doing this

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I just completely trashed this movie that i watched for spanish extra credit

Hopefully I still get extra credit and this shows that I actually watched the movie

I just reblogged a Chance the Rapper song and then a Merchant Ships song.

My music taste is fucked

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Merchant Ships - Sleep Patterns

September 9, 2001. Gary and I were skating at a hospital on top of a huge hill overlooking a valley. 
An ambulance came and took out a dead woman. Gary asked me why she wasn’t moving or blinking. They hadn’t closed her eyes yet.She must have died on the way.

A car full of family and friends came in with the ambulance. They were all crying and hugging each other. One woman screamed hysterically and grabbed at the woman’s body asking her to wake up.

I had to tell Gary that her soul went to Heaven. 
I didn’t believe a word of it, but I knew it’d be easier for him to understand. 
Two days from now, at 9 AM, the planes will hit the World Trade Center killing over 3,000 people. I will tell Gary that there is no God, and all of this is meaningless. 
But today, there is a God. And he has a plan for him. 

He doesn’t know it, but a year from now, our family will be torn apart and I will move far away and won’t see or talk to him for five years.
And as we sit on the hood of our car, the sun goes down and he asks me what I want out of my life. I tell him I don’t know. 

On and on we run away from the things we are afraid of. - x3

I don’t tell him about the dream I had the night before where I’m riding in a car full of strangers and singing to some song I’ve never heard and smoking a cigarette and we swerve off the road and hit a tree. I go through the windshield and hit the edge of a fence, dislocating my jaw and flipping me into a wall where my neck is broken, and my skull is fractured. I bleed to death in excruciating pain. 

I will have this dream periodically until I meet all of the strangers, one by one introducing them all to one another until we are a close group of friends. I will set these events in motion, and I will die. 

But today in the warm light of the sunset, I don’t see it. I just see the sunset. I smile back and shake my head. I have absolutely no idea. I am afraid.

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This part right here, right now, right here, this part my shit.

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You know when your music scene area is pretty meh when bigger bands from your area won’t even play at a local venue when they go on tour